Iron Roofing

We can transform your old, tired, existing iron roof. Re-coated in our long life roof paint, it will continue to look good and to protect your home for years to come.

Iron Roof got leaks? have old and rusting leadhead nails? these things are doing your roof and structural timber more damage than good, before any Iron Roof recoating we need to complete the nessesary roof repairs by removing the existing leadhead nails and replace them with the correct roofing screw to give your roof not only stability but takes the risk out of allowing your old leadhead nails from damaging your roof and in most cases this damage is serious rust.

For most people undertaking their own "D.I.Y." roof repairs, the most common mistake is to use the wrong materials for the job. 

So, what's the answer? We are, TPF Roof & Property Maintenance, specialists in the repair of iron roofs and repair with the right products and materials first time. Once all these roof repairs are completed then it is time to re coat your roof to give it back its vitality and to transform it into a fresh new look, we can take care of the complete job start to finish.

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